Wizard Screen Door

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Retractable Screen Doors Seattle Wa Washington in measurements 2448 X 3264Retractable Screen Doors Seattle Wa Washington in measurements 2448 X 3264

Wizard Screen Door – A screen door is a great way to not only let some fresh air and sun into your house, but also to keep insects and other pests out in precisely the exact same time. By using a screen door, you also have the capacity to keep your house enclosed, while still allowing a breeze, either when the weather is hot or anytime you just need to let a bit of atmosphere in. Even though you can buy screen doors for your house, they are actually fairly simple to make, requiring only a few supplies and tools, using simple building methods. Screen doors can be either very simple in design, or could be more elaborate, depending on your needs and building abilities.

Supplies you’ll need, You will require some thin wood stock to use for the screen door construction, a hardware frame for the door itself, and screen meshing, along with a 1/4 inch from 3/4 inch screen molding. Some basic tools such as a tape measure, hamper, knife, chisel, staple gun and knobs will be needed.

Designing and Cutting the Door, Thinner wood stock is usually used when constructing a screen door, normally in a five-eighths thickness. Choose a well-dried wood to prevent future wood shrinkage, discoloration or warping. Measure the dimensions of the door you need to construct, and cut the vertical and horizontal pieces to match. While constructing the door, it can help to clamp the door bits to a work table. To make the corner joins, in addition to when adding the center horizontal support piece, you will need to take off half of the depth of one piece of wood at the place where they will match a saw, so the overall finished thickness of the joint will probably be equal to that of one piece of wood. Utilize a polyurethane glue and a brush to attach the wood support bits together, then clamp and allow to dry thoroughly.

Adding the Screen to the Door, Putting the door flat on the job table, measure the overall opening and cut a piece of screen material to the proper dimensions, leaving several inches around the edges to make installation easier, which will be trimmed later. Lay the screen over the top of the door frame, and staple it to the peak of the frame, pulling it closely towards the base of the door. Be certain to pull the screen tightly from the horizontal directions as well, keeping in mind that screen tends to stretch over time. The screen can be soldered right to the door, as the staples will be covered by molding that will be set around the border of the screen. After the screen was stapled firmly into place, trim the screen and cover the edges with the screen molding.

Finishing the Job, Once the door itself was built, it is possible to install the door frame , and also then attach the new screen door to the frame. Attach a door handle and fasten the door to the frame using spring hinges so the door will shut mechanically.